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  ..creative and commercial,

  award winning editorial,

  PR photography and video  

  based in South Wales.

SWANSEA / Liz Perkins<br />
Tuesday 23rd September 2014<br />
Breaking Bad and X Files writer John Shiban on the film set of Da Vinci's Demonst at Bay Studios, Swansea.<br />
Byline.. Adrian White
Monday 9th January 2012<br />
Mumbles Lighthouse attendant Paul Thomas polishing the windows of the 216 year old structure 35 metres above sea level. The husbandry visit by Trinity House personel to carry out basic maintenance and cleaning of the facility takes place quarterly, and following the storms of last week the lighthouse will now be ready to guide ships away from Mumbles Head in the future months.<br />
<br />
Contact. Paul 07969 181017

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